Managed Markets Portfolios

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Managed Money Market Portfolios

The increasing demand for short term investments on the money market and the high risk aversion by most investors in the country, prompted Smartvest to design a special short term money market managed portfolio to meet the return and risk requirements for such a large group of customers. With over 20 years’ experience in the Zimbabwean financial markets, its wide network of money market counterparties and strong risk management skills Smartvest helps both individual and corporate clients to achieve competitive interest rates on the money market at relatively low risk. Smartvest takes away from its clients the headache of hunting for competitive rates and secure institutions to invest their hard earned money. Reasonable security for all investments done on behalf of customers is obtained from all counterparties to help manage the high credit risk.

Years of experience
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Why Choose Us?

  • Reputable & experienced board
  • Strong historical performance
  • Strong Research Team
  • Multi-skilled & experienced team
  • Committed & stable workforce with shareholding
  • Independent asset manager
  • Good corporate governance
  • Use of custodians on FUM 
  • Professional Indemnity – Insurance Cover

Money Market Rates

ZWL$ Investments
30 Days55% p.a.
60 Days60% p.a.
90 Days65% p.a.
180 Days70% p.a.
USD$ Investments
30 Days10% p.a.
60 Days12% p.a.
90 Days12% p.a.
180 – 360 Days15% p.a.
Unit Trusts
High Interest Fund70% p.a.
USD$ and ZWD$ Unit Trust Products available
Date: 14 November 2023

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