Private Portfolio Management

Providing the best return on investment.

Private Portfolio Management

These are portfolios tailor-made for specific clients who are either corporate bodies or high net-worth individuals. In creating the portfolio, Smartvest takes a lot of time to understand the client’s objectives, risk tolerance, unique circumstances and constraints, before agreeing on an Investment Policy Statement to address that particular client’s requirements. Each client will thus have a unique investment portfolio tailor-made to suit its unique requirements. Smartvest thus takes full ownership of the client’s asset allocation to ensure that the client gets the best return given the prevailing conditions on the different markets while at the same time taking cognizance of the client’s risk tolerance and constraints.

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  • Reputable & experienced board
  • Strong historical performance
  • Strong Research Team
  • Multi-skilled & experienced team
  • Committed & stable workforce with shareholding
  • Independent asset manager
  • Good corporate governance
  • Use of custodians on FUM 
  • Professional Indemnity – Insurance Cover

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