Unit Trusts

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Unit Trusts

A unit trust is a pool of funds from different investors that is used to buy a large portfolio of assets. Smartvest offers one, all equity unit trust fund that invests on the stock market, two money market funds and a balanced fund that invests both on the stock and money markets. These investments have different pre-set objectives and risk tolerance levels pre-designed to suit the different investor profiles and circumstances. To further enhance the security of investments, an independent entity, Stanbic Custodial Services are the third-party trustees and custodians to these funds. The four unit trusts funds are as follows

This is a taxable money market fund whose assets are limited to money market instruments. Such instruments usually comprise Bankers Acceptances, Government and Corporate Bonds, Commercial Paper and Call Money.

This is also a money market fund whose returns are not taxed. The Fund is targeted at tax-exempt entities such as Non-Governmental Organizations, schools, pension funds and senior citizens.

This is a mixed fund that invests in both the money and equity markets. The objective of the fund is to provide a steadier short-term performance with the objective of matching or beating inflation over the long-term. As such the equity portion of the fund gives it its growth aspect while the money market provides the stability.

This fund offers investors the opportunity to invest in a comprehensive range of shares, consisting mainly of blue chip counters, traded on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

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FUNDSBID Price (cents)OFFER Price (cents)Portfolio ValueUnits in Issue
High Interest Fund364.46364.36
(75.88% p.a)
ZWL4 332 825.351 188 811.31
Gross Income Fund138.56138.56
ZWL748 691.32540 310.22
Wealth Fund195 766.43198 017.74ZWL1 293 360 743.74660 665.22
Growth and Stability Fund80 486.3881 411.97ZWL188 769 788.79234 536.30
Wealth Fund (USD)11.2811.41US$111 475.60987 979.30
Date: 31 January 2024

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